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After years of suffering tiredness and brain fog, I was tested for the MTHFR gene. This gene came back with abnormalities and after a period of 3 months taking B12 and folate in the right amount I could think clearly again and mornings weren’t horrible for me. I now wake up with energy and can go all day without my afternoon sleep.



My 3 year old went through a bad run of head colds, gastro and tonsillitis all in a very short space of time. Her immune system really got hit hard and when she got another head cold it went straight to her chest and she developed asthma. It is really scary with a small child who can’t tell you what is wrong or if they can’t breath and we sought out some natural alternatives to support her immune system. We made some very basic dietary changes, started a immune boosting regime and even though she gets an occasional cold (from childcare) now it never goes to her chest and she doesn’t need puffers. We carry them with us but it is so nice to not end up in hospital every time she gets sick.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

My son is 18 and since he hit puberty we saw a change in behaviour. He would start really compulsive behaviours and do them over and over like pulling his hair, counting traffic lights, lining text books up and pencils but more concerning having these meltdown times where he felt totally overwhelmed, depressed and distant. We didn’t want him labelled with a mental disorder so with our GP’s blessing we went to Perfectly Natural and underwent extensive blood, urine and hair testing. we found out he was terribly low in vitamin D3 (level of 21), low in b12, low in Iron and also was diagnosed with Pyroluria. We changed his diet (no sugar or gluten) and started a program to address the Pyroluria and over 3 months we saw all the OCD behaviours disappear. The whole family has now been tested and we all are getting answers to unusual symptoms we have all be putting up with for years.


Copper Poisoning

I had been experiencing panic attacks, anxiety and horrible moods swings and I had tried everything. I also had severe joint pains almost to the point of not being able to walk. No one could tell me what was wrong and I spent thousands of dollars to get nowhere. When I got to Perfectly Natural I had a blood test to check my copper levels in my body and they were at 38 – extremely high. It was an answer to prayer and with a strict regime of minerals to get rid of the copper each month I became calmer and calmer and less achy. My levels are now at 13 – absolutely perfect and I am symptom free.


Garcinia Cambogia

I started on Garcinia for an ongoing cholesterol problem. I didn’t want to take statin drugs anymore and thought I would try it for 3 months then retest my levels. My cholesterol went from 8.8 to 4.7 in 12 weeks but I also lost 3 kgs and I was sleeping better. My doctor says its ok to stay on Garcinia long term and I am very happy.



My entire family all suffer with anxiety, panic and depression. On top of that my children are grumpy and constantly whinge and are tired. They get night terrors and get easily stressed out and often wet the bed. We found out my 10 year old had pyrolle disorder; it was an easy urine test and I can’t believe how much he has changed. We started the pyrolle regime and each month he was on it he became calmer and calmer. We decided to test the whole family and every one of us was positive and we are all on the road to being happy and well. Our whole household has changed and we definitely can see the benefits for all of us.



We have been trying for a baby for 10 years and have had not one successful month. We started the fertility program and we took everything we were told to take, went off coffee, alcohol, ate organic foods and took the supplement regime. We conceived on the program after 10 months and we now have a healthy baby boy.



I have struggled with a weight problem for years. Everything I tried never seemed to work, or it would work initially and then all the weight would go straight back on. I needed help! I went to see a practitioner at Perfectly Natural as a friend recommended them to me. Within 4 weeks I had seen a change in my metabolism and I started noticing a difference in how my clothes fitted. The weight did change straight away but I felt amazing and had lots of energy! It has been 12 weeks now and I have lost 14kg!



I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 4 years ago but for some reason I could never get my sugar levels balanced. I was prescribed by my doctor with blood sugar medication and was told to keep on a balanced diet. I tried moderating what I ate and when I ate but nothing seemed to work in keeping my sugars under control. I watched a health program on Channel 44 and saw Kimberley and Sarita from Perfectly Natural talking about fad diets and which ones were sustainable and the ones that were unhealthy for the body. I made an appointment to see a practitioner and was given a clear and specific regime to help treat my sugar problem. The amount of information and education that I received was impressive and now I am able to carry out a diet that keeps my sugars right down and is sustainable without me having to give up all my food weaknesses. I’m so happy!


Inflammation in body

The practitioners at Perfectly Natural have helped me tremendously with my health. I woke up one morning and literally could not move; my whole body was in pain and my mobility had practically become non-existent. I heard Kimberley on the radio many a time and decided to make an appointment to see if there was anything that could be done to help the inflammation. I could barely walk into the consulting room and my anxiety had also increased as I didn’t know what was wrong with me. A range of supplements were prescribed for me to take over a period of 8 weeks and I can honestly say that by my next appointment I was walking and moving with minimal pain!



I have been a terrible sleeper for as long as I can remember, with an average night sleep of 3 hours. I could get to sleep ok but would wake numerous times throughout the night and struggle to get back to sleep. I presented my symptoms to a practitioner at Perfectly Natural and also had a test done to check if there are any deficiencies in my body. I was quite sceptical initially but after 4 weeks of taking what was prescribed and noticed a massive difference in my sleeping pattern. I am now getting 5-6 hours sleep without any disturbance! I cannot believe it!



3 years after our first child was born my husband and I began trying for a second child. After a year of no success and feeling quite discouraged, we decided to take the natural approach to figure out what was wrong. At Perfectly Natural they were able to carry out a method of testing that showed vitamin and mineral deficiencies in both my husband and I that were possibly causing the infertility. We were put on a 3 month regime that incorporated taking natural supplements which not only improved our deficiencies but detoxed our bodies. After 5 months of diligently following the recommended treatment we were blessed to find out we were expecting baby number 2!!


Irritable Bowel

A couple of years ago I visited Perfectly Natural after having it recommended to me by a friend. I wasn’t sure whether they would be able to help me because I had been suffering with terrible bloating and abdominal discomfort for as long as I can remember. At times my bloating would be so bad that even drinking water was a problem. I was so surprised at how quickly a diagnosis was made and how soon I saw change with my condition. Not only was I prescribed the appropriate natural supplements, but I was also guided into what foods my body was intolerant of and what to stay away from. I feel so much better and although my symptoms still appear at times the improvement has been life changing!!


Irritable Bowel

After a trip overseas to India, I returned home with pretty significant bowel issues. I had lost a lot of weight and couldn’t stomach food properly. Other symptoms included heart palpitations, fatigue, and shortness of breath. I sought a lot of medical advice but no one could figure out what was happening. My anxiety increased throughout this time and my ability to think straight minimised. Kimberley took the time to test me and diagnosed me with a parasite infection. After a week of taking the prescribed supplementation’s, my bowel started to improve and the diarrhoea ceased. Within a month my anxiety went away and I started to eat normally again!



For most of my adult life I had struggled with on and off periods of feeling depressed, struggling with sleep, anxiety and various other symptoms. I went to see Sarita and was soon diagnosed with fairly severe Pyroluria. She explained what the condition was and how to treat it. After several months of being on the recommended supplements, my symptoms almost completely disappeared. My ability to think straight and settle my emotions was drastically improved. I’m so grateful that somebody finally helped with what I thought would be a lifelong struggle.


Itchy Rash on Skin

For 20 years I had been treating a rash that would gradually spread over my arms and legs. It was excruciatingly itchy, very red and sore. My profession for 25 years had been farming, with constant exposure to various pesticides and chemicals. I made an appointment at Perfectly Natural and they were able to test for various exposures to chemicals. A detox protocol was carried out and in a matter of 6 weeks my rash had disappeared! It was the best decision I have ever made!



My 13 year old son had been suffering with severe eczema over is whole body since he was a child. We had tried him on so many different medications steroid after steroid and it would go away for a bit but it would also come back violently. We visited Perfectly Natural and after starting on a few different natural supplements his skin started to improve over time. There was also a range of foods that were eliminated from his diet which helped the healing process. We are so grateful that his skin has healed.


Eczema, bloating

Hi, I’ve been coming to Perfectly Natural for almost 2 years now. When I first had a consult I had itchy sensitive red skin on my eye lids, around my mouth, on my hands and other random places over my body. My stomach felt full all the time and I looked pregnant by the end of most days! Since coming to Perfectly Natural my life has never been the same. My diet has improved dramatically. Both my partner and I eat wholesome, unprocessed foods and enjoy flatter stomachs! We both lost weight and feel great. My skin has settled and isn’t itchy and red and sensitive like it was. I watch what I eat and know the triggers. Now I’m pregnant and excited to give the best to my baby!


Bulimia and acne

All of my teenage years I had pimples which developed into severe cystic acne. I also struggled with an eating disorder bulimia for 5 years. When I came to Perfectly Natural I was severely malnourished and had lost all faith in myself. Bulimia seemed like a disorder I would have for life. Menstruation had become erratic. No matter what foods I avoided and natural medicines I used I couldn’t seem to stop the pimples coming. One of the practitioners at Perfectly Natural believed bulimia would not be a lifetime struggle for me. She got my cycle starting again. My skin settled and I felt like I was absorbing nutrients for the first time in ages. I’m forever grateful for the gift of health the clinic has given me!


Behavioural issues

My son is 2 1/2 years old. Ever since he turned one his behaviour has gotten worse and worse. He is hyperactive most of the time, won’t settle, and regularly gets angry. Along with low tolerance I can’t seem to reason with him when he loses his temper. As a baby he slept well and was fairly placid. His diet is mostly organic fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat, organic grains no additives or processed food. With the help of Perfectly Natural I was able to refine his diet and saw a dramatic change in the behaviour of my son. He doesn’t get angry like he used to and generally is calm and can be reasoned with when he doesn’t get his own way.


Stomach aches

I am 15 years old. For the last 2 years I’ve had stomach cramps most days of the week. I get them after I eat and mainly at night. My mum started eliminating a few foods and we found my cramps were less off gluten but they didn’t completely go away. When I saw one of the practitioners at Perfectly Natural they discovered other foods that my body can’t digest properly and healed my gut with natural medicines. I was able to travel overseas without one stomach cramp!


Gut issues and cramps

For years I have suffered severe menstrual pain. I thought it was normal. Every month I resorted to pain medication for some relief. My daughters both suffer with menstrual pain. Since coming to Perfectly Natural the pain has reduced to the point I am now pain free! My digestion has been a problem too. Stomach discomfort and loose bowels were a normal part of my daily life. A bug and food allergy were causing the issues. These have been resolved and I now enjoy good digestion.



I am a 36-year-old mum. When I came to Perfectly Natural, I was 13 weeks pregnant. In 2007 when I travelled to Romania, I got very sick with gastro, throwing up constantly for 3 weeks. My health gradually began to return after 6 months. However, fatigue and pain never left me. I experienced pain in varying degrees in my jaw, shoulders, back and arms. The pain was very bad at times, kind of “shooting nerve pain”. was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a year after my trip to Romania. Ever since this trip I constantly got sick with colds and flus. Perfectly Natural helped so much. I went through a few months of natural treatment and my fibromyalgia has completely gone!


Sinusitis and Tinnitus

I am in my 60s and had chronic sinusitis. 2 years ago I got the flu and it took me a few months to recover. I developed sinusitis which never resolved. My glands would go up and down, I was congested and throat filled with phlegm. My ears were ringing. First it was only slight and not every day then it progressively got worse to the point I had tinnitus 90% of the time. I am feeling much better since going to Perfectly Natural. My sinuses are pain free and no longer congested and ears no longer ringing!


Migraines, weight and high cholesterol

I am a 56 year old woman. From the onset of puberty I have suffered with migraines. They come and go and vary in intensity. I get them every few months. Menopause hit a few years ago and my weight has slowly increased and cholesterol and LDL levels remained high. The doctor wanted to put me on statin medication. This led me to Perfectly Natural to resolve my health issues naturally. After a few months on the treatment my migraines reduced and weight dropped. It’s been a year now and I’ve lost a total of 14 kg and seen improvement in my blood cholesterol levels.


Diverticulus Attacks

I am in my 60’s and suffered diverticulitis for 2o years. Every now and again for no reason I get a terrible pain on my lower right deep in my bowel. It makes me double over in pain and I get cold sweats and have to go to hospital. Every time I have a bowel infection in my diverticulus and need antibiotics. This has been going on for years; I would have had at least 30 courses of antibiotics. I started a natural antibiotic and an acidiophilus for my gut lining and after 2 years I have only had 1 attack which I treated myself with the natural antibiotics – I am so much more in control of the situation.


Ulcerative Collitis

I am 17 years old and I started working at a pizza pasta restaurant as a casual. Within 6 weeks I started getting diarrhoea and bleeding from my bowel and I started losing weight really fast. I was told I had Ulcerative Colitis and I would need a colostomy bag very soon. My mum took me to Perfectly Natural and they took me off gluten and gave me massive dosages of acidophilus and other things to heal my gut up. I went from 15 times a day with diarrhoea to 3 times and the bleeding stopped. I still don’t have a bag, still don’t eat gluten but feel fine and my doctor is happy with my progress.



I went last year to Turkey for a business trip and ate a lamb yiros in a café on the second to last day of the trip. I vomited for 2 days afterwards and returned home really unwell. My liver enzymes were elevated and the doctors thought I had hepatitis or something worse. No one could help me but my liver pain and nausea didn’t leave. I went to Perfectly Natural and they found a Liver Fluke – a kind of parasite in my liver, they gave me the right treatment for it and after 4 months all liver enzymes are in the normal range in blood tests and the liver and nausea is totally gone.



I work as a missionary overseas and on my last trip to Kenya I got really sick with some sort of parasite from something I ate. No matter how much antibiotic I took I just couldn’t get rid of the continual diarrhoea and stomach pain. I was found to have the parasite Giardia and I was treated with a natural antibiotic and within 3 weeks my bowel returned to normal. I continued on the program for another 2 months and I now have no more symptoms.


Glandular Fever

I have always been healthy and taken supplements so it was a surprise to me when I developed Glandular Fever and just couldn’t function. The fatigued was terrible and I had a sore throat, swollen glands and horrible headaches and I couldn’t work. The GP said to stay in bed for 3 months but I just couldn’t afford the time off work. I started an anti – viral regime as prescribed by Perfectly Natural and within 2 weeks I was back functioning again. My sore throats are gone and I am back at work and back to my usual self.


Glandular Fever/ Ross River

About 3 years ago I contracted Glandular Fever as well as Ross River both confirmed in blood tests – I felt terrible. The aching in my bones with the fatigue meant that I couldn’t look after my small children and I had to just stay in bed. I didn’t recover and I was then diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. I saw a practitioner at Perfectly natural and within 3 months all the aching was gone and the fatigue has lifted to a point that I could look after my children again, make food an drive a car. After 9 months I am at 90 % and just addressing some small symptoms that are left until I am completely well.



I am a farmer and been exposed to just about every kind of chemical that you can use. I was exposed to a now banned chemical years ago Lucijet and it badly affected my lung function as I breathed most of it in. On top of that I would suddenly just start sweating and start shaking and have to go to bed for days till it stopped. I developed lipomas all over my body and I always had a horrible taste in my mouth and get a mouth full of ulcers. I went to Perfectly Natural and they identified 9 different farm chemicals in my system all of which I had used in the last 10 years. They gave me sulphur supplements and amino acids to help bind and flush out the chemicals and I went through a detox. My sweat, breathe and urine absolutely stank and after 6 months I actually started to feel well again. All symptoms are now gone and my energy is back.


Anxiety / Panic Attacks

I have suffered with panic attacks for years, I worry about everything, feel panicky about everything and it stopped me doing so many things and it got so bad when I was 18 that I turned to drugs mainly marijuana to try to calm me down. That then led to stronger drugs, drinking too much coffee and alcohol and was ruining my life. I went to Perfectly Natural and found out that my liver enzymes were elevated, my cortisol levels were elevated to extreme levels and I was really low in B12 and B6. I took everything they gave me. At the start I felt really sick and had heaps of headaches but after a few weeks I started to feel like I had more energy and I was stronger to start cutting out coffee and wine. I still have a long way to go but I have stopped all bad habits and can see a light at the end of the tunnel.



I have suffered depression my whole life. I have been depressed for as long as I can remember. It has affected my social life, my work my relationships and my family and life is very sad for me. A friend sent me to Perfectly Natural and they discovered I have large amounts of lead and mercury in my system, a gene that affected folate absorbency and b12 was defective and I had celiac Disease which meant I should not have been eating Gluten. I made changes to all these issues and for the first time in my life I can function, hold a job down and go out to a restaurant or function and actually enjoy it.


Anxiety / Panic Attacks

After the death of my teenage son in a car accident my life fell apart. I went from a business woman strong and assertive to panic stricken, obsessive, angry, panic attacks were with me all day and I fell into a deep depression. I have counselling and took anti – depressants but they just made me feel doped out and vague and it didn’t stop most of the symptoms. I started a regime addressing vitamin D, B6, Magnesium and tryptophan and was also diagnosed with Pyrrole Disorder. The change was dramatic within 12 weeks and with my doctor’s permission I am not off all medication and functioning again in life.



I have had asthma since a small child and need to take Ventolin twice a day and a preventer Seratide. These make me feel jittery and my heart race. I went to Perfectly natural they took me off dairy, desensitised me to house dust mite, mould and pollens, gave me zinc and vitamin C and it has made a huge difference. My GP has taken me off all my medications now and I only carry Ventolin now in my bag for just in case.



I have been on Nexium for 11 years for severe reflux. I still had to sleeping a chair ever night even though I was on medication because the burning was so severe in my oesophagus. I was tired also because I never got a full night’s sleep. I was taken off of dairy products, given a regime to follow of supplements and digestive enzymes and probitoics and I am now with my GP’s direction off all Nexium tablets and can sleep lying down all night without pain.


Stomach Ulcers

I am only 19 years old and I went to the GP because my stomach pain was terrible and I was chronically fatigued. I was told I had peptic ulcers and severe iron deficiency, but all the antibiotics and iron supplements didn’t work and for another 3 years I suffered. I started a regime of natural antibiotics, gut probiotic and formulas for iron and gut wall healing and within 5 months all symptoms are gone. I am pain free and my iron has returned to normal in blood tests.



I have had migraines (like my sister and mother) for over 25 years. Nothing ever worked to fix them and no pain meds ever worked. I went to Perfectly Natural and they took me off dairy – something I absolutely loved ! within 2 weeks the migraines were gone. This made me feel so mad that something so simple could have been fixed years ago. I was then diagnosed also with Pyrrole disorder and after I started treatment for that year’s of anxiety and worry left me and I started to feel really calm. I hadn’t really realised how stressed out I was or anxious till it was gone.



I have migraines since age 12 when my periods first started and I am now 38. I have to be in bed for 5 days leading up to my periods because of the pain and vomiting and this has affected my schooling, uni study and work not to mention my family. I started a regime to rebalance my progesterone levels, treated a chronic zinc deficiency and was given some herbals and homeopathics to help with the pain and within 3 cycles the vomiting had stopped. I have now been on the regime for 12 months and only get pain for ½ a day prior to my period – I am so happy.


Food Allergy

My child had reactions to just about everything. We had been to naturopaths who had him on a horror eating plan and I just couldn’t think of anything nutritious to give him or that he would like. We started a new way of treating allergy and desensitised him to all foods, used a formula for gut wall healing and had stool sampling done to see what good and back bacteria he had in his gut – we found 7 wrong microbes in his bowel, treated then all and he can now eat everything but tomatoes – he is so happy eating all sorts of fruit and dairy, we never thought would be possible again.


Food Allergy

My child was literally born with eczema, he was covered from head to toe and the worst places were behind his knees, in between his toes and fingers and ears. Those areas would bleed and crack and he would cry in pain no matter what I put on his skin. I started a elimination diet and found allergies to gluten, dairy, soy, chicken, tomatoes and dust mite. We also started a heap of vitamins and minerals and homeopathics and started using a aloe cream on his skin. He is now basically clear of eczema unless he eats the wrong foods then we get mild flare ups in some areas but we can manage all of those reactions.



My husband and I live on a fruit block and across the road from a vineyard the last 2 times a got pregnant I miscarried at 9 weeks and 13 weeks. I had explained to me what happens with all those chemicals I breathed in and how the lining of my uterus was malformed because of it. We took drastic measures we got our caravan and moved out of the area and only went back for work when we had too. I took a lot of detox supplements and after 18 months I held a pregnancy full term.


Sperm Motility

My job was a courier and everywhere I went I was offered a quick coffee; I was having no less than 20 short blacks a day. I came to the program when I was having migraine headaches and also mentioned that my wife and I were trying for a baby. A sperm analysis showed my sperm not swimming at all and many had round heads and 3 – 4 tails – they were very deformed. I was told to go off coffee and do a few other things – I got terrible withdrawal migraines, so bad that I had to go back on coffee and slowly reduce it over 6 weeks a coffee at a time. After 9 months all the round heads and multiple tails were gone and the grading went up to a 2 enough for us to try and after 3 month’s we got my daughter.



My husband is a house painter by trade and when we had been trying for 1 year for a baby he finally gave in and did a sperm analysis. We found out his sperm were not swimming a grade of 1 out of 4. He was making sperm but they just wouldn’t swim. He went on the program for 5 months with a lot of selenium, fish oils, vitamin E and zinc and his next test showed a grading of 3. We were allowed to start trying and it took another 4 months but we now have a daughter and she is beautiful.

Jan and Jim


My husband had undergone chemotherapy age 26 for a Teratoma in his chest cavity. He stored sperm in the IVF clinic prior to the heavy treatment just in case the sperm were destroyed. After 5 years in the clear we did the program and conceived our first son, 1 year later another son and 2 years later a baby girl. We never needed to use the sperm and have remained cancer free now for 9 years.



My husband’s sperm analysis came back with terrible sperm morphology with less than 4 % normal. After assessment the team suggested that the long bike riding and hot saunas after workouts might be doing it. 4 months on the program we saw the morphology improved to 36 % normal and another 5 months we were at 77 % normal. We have a baby girl and now my husband is back riding 5 days a week.




I had no ovulation due to low progesterone and even the drug Clomid didn’t work for me. I tried the program for 5 months and then I found out I was pregnant. I was terribly sick and couldn’t even take all the program supplements they just wouldn’t stay down I would just vomit all the time. I had an ultrasound and there were 3 babies – I just cried we had gone from none to 3 – my husband wasn’t happy! We had identical twins and a fraternal twin which means I had 2 eggs and one of them split into twins. Life is very busy in our house and we have decided no more children it’s not worth the risk of another 3.



I had chronic depression and I was on 2 very strong prescriptions for that condition. Both of these you can’t carry a baby if you are on so my husband and I just didn’t know what to do, I just couldn’t function off them – let alone cope with a baby. I found the clinic and they addressed a hormone imbalance that I didn’t know I had with my progesterone, I felt normal again and with the consent of my GP I went off the prescriptions and was able to conceive easily and I coped really well with my morning sickness and delivery and have no signs of postnatal depression.


Post Abortion Infertility

I had had 2 abortions in my late teens and so when I found out that I had scarring from those 2 procedures I felt so guilty. I thought we would never have any children. We found the program on line and decided we might as well try it. It took 8 months but we conceived a baby boy and I managed to carry him full term he was born 6 pound 2 oz.


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Endometriosis/ Sperm Morphology

I came from a very strict catholic family and I had so much pressure on me to have a baby. We were a mess my husband sperm count was too low and had a lot of badly formed sperm in it. I had endometriosis and fibroids and we just couldn’t conceive. We found the fertility program through a friend and we went on it strictly for 1 year. It was hard and at times we wanted to give up. We then found out we were pregnant – that was the best day of my life telling my family… we now have 3 boys 16, 14 and 9 all from this program.


No Sperm

We had been trying for 2 years for a baby when my husband found out he had azoospermia (no sperm) and he went into a real depression and felt worthless, he even told me to leave him and have a family with another man. A friend told me to try the program and after 9 weeks there was sperm being produced in a semen analysis. After 13 months we got the news we were waiting for I was pregnant and we had a baby girl 7 pound 5 oz. it was so worth all the hard work.


Poly Cycstic Ovary Syndrome(Pcos)

When my husband and I started trying for a baby nothing happened, testing at the doctors showed I had PCOS and it was bad we were told we would never have children. The team found I also had a thyroid problem and as soon as I started on thyroid medication I ovulated properly within 1 week. We now have a baby boy, born 4 weeks early but we have a baby. We are going to redo the program soon ready for our next baby.



We live on a farm with a lot of chemicals and I just couldn’t seem to hold a pregnancy – I could get pregnant easily but within weeks I would lose it. We had a lot of medical testing and in our blood we found pesticides and a lot of roundup and lead. It took 9 months to clear it all out and we completely changed our lifestyle and the way we farmed, it wasn’t easy but we really didn’t have any choice. The program worked for us and we now have 4 boys working on the farm – what a blessing.



We had 4 children already and never had a problem, at 8 months our baby boy was stillborn and we fell apart. We knew something was wrong and I was tired and worn out from all the pregnancies and breast feeding, we decided to have some time out and let my body recover on this fertility program – after a year we had enough courage to start again and we have had another 2 healthy babies since then.



We already had a healthy 2 year old when we conceived our second. At full term delivery she was born still and we were devastated and we didn’t understand what went wrong. Our family just felt incomplete so we did the fertility program for over 1 year to be sure that our bodies were ready to make a baby. After 3 months we conceived and delivered another baby girl – perfect.


Older Couple

My husband and I met later in life so by the time we started to try for a family we were both over 40. We were very worried so we did the whole program strictly for 3 months. The next month we conceived a baby girl and she was born perfect 6 pound.


Genetic Problems

We had to make a horrible decision and terminate a baby at 28 weeks with Turners Syndrome – it was heart breaking. We saw Kimberley and she discovered I had toxic levels of mercury in my system. It took 7 months to eliminate it from my system and then we were allowed to try to conceive. I was very scared but the team nursed me weekly through the weeks until at 20 weeks we had a scan showing a perfect baby boy. We delivered him full term a healthy perfect 8 pound baby.


Wanted A Healthy Baby

My husband and I just wanted to have a healthy baby, our whole family had allergies and health problems and we wanted to try something to make sure we gave a baby the best start in life. We stayed on the program 4 months then tried to conceive and got pregnant first time. We had a healthy 10 pound 12 oz baby girl who is so healthy and allergy free.


Low Sperm Count/ Low Motility

My husband and I were trying to have a baby for 6 years. My husband had a really low sperm count and sperm motility and we didn’t know that we could improve that. We had tried 6 IVF cycles and spent all our money when we heard about the clinic. At our consult we were put on a large amount of supplements, herbs and I was taken off gluten and dairy products and my husband extra pills for sperm count. At our next appointment in 8 weeks I was 4 weeks pregnant – simply stunning. Our son is now 13 and we are so thankful we didn’t give up trying.



After experiencing 1 fresh IVF cycle, 3 frozen IVF cycles; all unsuccessful and then another fresh IVF cycle that ended as a blastocyst pregnancy my husband and I were desperate, stressed and depressed. After 5 months on the fertility program my husband and I felt the healthiest we have ever felt and then we conceived naturally. We now have a beautiful daughter Lili and we are forever grateful for our miracle child. It is the most amazing journey to achieve all this by yourself.



After having 7 miscarriages all at different stages of development from 6 – 12 weeks we just didn’t know what to do to have a baby. All other options just weren’t worth looking at. Kimberley found I had a faulty gene called MTHFR and once we treated that I held a pregnancy full term with no complications, we had a baby girl and soon we are ready to try again for another to complete our family.



My husband and I started the program after we had a miscarriage, we had a range of medical tests and screening through the practice and we were given a very strict program of supplements and healthy eating and exercise. Within 6 weeks we were pregnant we couldn’t believe it and we had a beautiful baby girl. We now have our second baby due in 3 weeks, I couldn’t be happier with my health and the results that we have had.



We had been trying for over a year to have a baby, all medical tests came back fine and we were totally frustrated about what to do next; a friend recommended this fertility program, we did it to the letter and 1 year later we conceived a baby boy. He was born 7 ½ pound, really healthy, perfect delivery, we are so happy.



After countless fertility treatments from acupuncture, ovulation induction, IVF, Clomiphene therapy and dye studies we started on this natural fertility program. Kimberley’s positive approach gave me a much better understanding of the whole preconception to birth process. This program gave me hope, knowledge and strategies that conventional medicine failed too, 4 months into the program we conceived our dear son, we are so thankful.


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