Our Story

Established in 1993, Perfectly Natural offers scientifically proven, natural alternatives to some of the most debilitating health challenges that people face today, and the mandate of the practice is to educate with solid, scientific information and through this assist people to make quality decisions for their own health and their families.

Our health practitioners work closely with many medical practitioners to compliment your wellness program and accelerate the results that you so desperately have been seeking.

All of our wellness and nutritional techniques are based on sound scientific and medical research and are at the cutting edge of wellness technology.


We prescribe Practitioner Only natural medicines and supplements of the highest quality to assist your body to restore and rebalance.

We treat many chronic ailments and have exceptional success in areas that traditional medicine is often unable to help.

For more information on the types of conditions that we most commonly treat please refer to our specialised services section. In these sections you will be informed of the different types of treatments that we use for particular conditions and we will recommend some initial techniques, diets and supplements that you can take to get you well on the way to personal wellness.


Meet Our Team

At Perfectly Natural, our team of highly qualified and passionate professionals is at the heart of our success. With years of experience and expertise in wellness and nutrition, they are committed to guiding you on your journey to better health.

  • Kimberley Douglas

    Kimberley is the founder and CEO of Perfectly Natural. Kimberley is a qualified Nutritionist and Counsellor with a degree in Nutrition and Social Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Counselling, majoring in grief and trauma and also holds a certificate in Natural Fertility Management. Kimberley has been in the industry of Nutritional Medicine for 30 years. Kimberley has a best-selling book “Insulin Junkies – how to kick the habit, and recently Ebooks; No-No to YO-YO and Back from Burnout. Kimberley also participates in a 1 hour TV health segment called “Our Time” for health education on Channel 44 in Adelaide and enjoys often speaking and educating for men’s and women’s health events. Kimberley’s specialises in Gut Microbiome, Infertility, Spectrum Disorders, Food Allergy and Intolerance, Auto Immune Disorders, Mental health Disorders, MTHFR gene, Pyrolle Disorder and CFS and pain.

  • Maureen McNamee

    Maureen is the practice manager at Perfectly Natural. Maureen will assist you will all patient inquires and consultation bookings and product orders. Maureen has been with Perfectly Natural for 15 years and is committed to patient care and communication at the highest level.


Please be aware that this is simply generic information and should not be taken as a personal prescription, diagnosis or advice for your particular ailment. If you require an in-depth assessment into your personal needs please be sure to contact our Practice Manager, Maureen to schedule an appointment with one of our accredited practitioners and type in the day and time that best suits you, and we will get back in contact with you to confirm a date ASAP.