Looking For Answers?

I have never been to a Naturopath or Nutritionist I don’t know what to expect?

Every professional or practitioner has a different way of treating their patients and different skills so you will find each time you start somewhere new your experience will be a little different. You need to expect the same kind of treatment as you would if seeing a doctor or a nurse or a medical professional of any kind. If you haven’t had success at other naturopaths it doesn’t mean that you won’t get results someone where else.

But I have a very good diet already…what is it that you will be able to do for me?

It is great that you already eat well but unfortunately the modern diet is generally lacking in essential nutrients compared to the generations that have gone before us. Many things contribute to this, green farming, poor soil farming practices, food preparation, health problems and stress. When this is combined with a modern preference for prepackaged, processed and chemical laden products there is a gradual and detrimental decline in overall health, including reproductive health. Globally it is recognized that our food does not contain the nutrients it did even 10 years ago and within the next 10 we will only see further impact on our health. Many health challenges are simply imbalances in the body that are very easy to correct but we do far more than supplement. We also identify genetic problems, blood disorders and chemical exposures, correct malfunctioning organs like thyroids and adrenals, detox systems, support weight loss, balance diets for health challenges like kidney disease or diabetes and support systems while going through treatments like chemotherapy.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment you just need to ring 08 74778450 and speak with the practice manager Maureen.

How much do I have to commit to a program?

This very much depends on what health challenge you present with at the practice. For many people changes are easy and life changing so they find it easy to do what they are asked to do…. for others it requires a lot of support and encouragement. It is so important to speak honestly with your practitioner and tell them if you are struggling with the program they have set for you.

Will this be treated confidentially; I have a lot of friends going to Perfectly Natural?

Every consult and patient file is held under strict confidentiality and locked nightly in a locked filing cabinet. Anything told in confidence in the medical setting stays in confidence, unless it comes under common law of mandatory reporting which we are required by law to do.

Will I have to keep doing what you set out for me forever?

In most cases they program set for you is designed to fix what is wrong in your system and in the long term you won’t be required to continue. There are cases like with food allergy that many patients once they have identified foods that are causing them problems they choose in the long term to avoid as they continue to react in their systems. These include foods like gluten and dairy and soy. Many patients choose to remain on some form of supplementation to their diet using basic fish oils, multivitamins and minerals and probiotics as they promote a healthy wellbeing long term.