Kimberley Douglas

Kimberley is the founder and CEO of Perfectly Natural. Kimberley is a qualified Nutritionist and Counsellor with a double degree and a certificate in Natural Fertility Management. Kimberley has been in the industry of Nutritional Medicine for 19 years. Perfectly Natural offers scientifically proven, natural alternatives to some of the most debilitating health challenges that people face today, and the mandate of the practice is to educate with solid, scientific information and through this assist people to make quality decisions for their own health and their families. Kimberley has a best-selling book “Insulin Junkies – how to kick the habit”, a regular talk back show on 5AA radio and also is Life FM radio resident Nutritionist. Kimberley also participates in a 1 hour TV health segment called “Our Time” for health education, and also speaks as a nutritionist on Adelaide Today Tonight.

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