Brain Function

If you are beginning to struggle with concentration, brain fog, searching for words or finding it hard to stay on task it may be of concern to you.  There may be many reasons why this may be happening; from stress to hormone imbalances to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  Below are a few suggestions to try to boost your brain power and function.


    If you are low in any of the B Vitamins it can have an effect on your energy levels or general wellbeing. Many people low in B vitamins can experience anxiety, depression, poor memory, confusion, insomnia, and irritability. It is generally best to take a good quality multi vitamin like; Blackmores, Womens Swisse, Golden Glow, Natures Way.

  2. VITAMIN B12

    Low B12 is very common particularly if you are a vegetarian, eat very little meat or have regular bowel problems such as diarrhoea, constipation or wind.
    People with low B12 often complain of general weakness and lethargy but also of poor memory, depression, lack of concentration and brain fog.  Other symptoms include a sore tongue, numbness or tingling in feet and or hands and diarrhoea.
    It is generally best to ask your GP for a B12 blood test and if low supplement accordingly.


    Often if your detoxification system is sluggish or weak it has an effect on your whole system.  People with a sluggish Liver will often complain of lack of motivation, tiredness, brain fog and confusion.  They will often wake at 3 am, be moody people who easily anger and have a “short fuse”, they will also find it hard to lose weight.  The best way to address this is to follow guidelines for detox such as Dr Sandra Cabot – The Liver Cleansing Diet. Health food stores also offer many varieties of liver tonics , liver herbs and cleansing formulas.  2 cups of Dandelion tea per day will also help calm and gently detox the Liver.


    The human body is remarkable in its mechanism for protecting itself, but many people do not understand some of the warning signals.  People suffering high amounts of stress often find that brain function is compromised and even general functioning i.e. remembering names, where the car is parked, appointment times are often frustrating signs that the brain is on overload.
    If you do feel stressed – make yourself take time out away from everyone and everything. Take a general multivitamin as well as supplements containing Valerian and Magnesium. Learn how to meditate as ½ an hour per day equals 4 hours sleep.


    Many herbal formulas are available that claim that they increase mental function and general wellbeing.  One of the best products on the market is Ginseng, which helps improve circulation throughout the body, thus nourishing the brain with a good rich blood supply and also mental capacity.  Available from health food stores.


    It is important also to reduce the amounts of chemicals entering your body; this means reducing caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, households chemicals i.e. mortein, roundup. All of these have some effect on the immune system and are all absorbed into the blood stream and cross into the brain and stored in the fatty tissue.Try “Down to Earth”  cleaning products, eating organic, burning essential oils instead of room freshener’s etc and soon enough you may see a difference in how you think and feel.


    Reduce all exposure to aluminum, as there is proven direct effect on brain function from exposure, causing Alzheimers and dementia.  This means throw out all aluminum-cooking utensils and cookware. These are not so common now but continued use will have an effect. Use of cans ie softdrinks and vegetables, soups should also be kept to a minimum.